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The Significance Of Hiring A Dedicated Air Conditioning Company

While thorough inspections of cooling systems (especially malfunctioning ones) are best left for experts, it is not a bad idea to routinely inspect your AC yourself. Such inspections could help identify problems, and potentially prevent safety or operational issues.

First, go to your AC or air conditioner room and check the filter (this doesn’t filter out the air you breathe – it keeps the AC cleaned). An unclean filter can cause your AC to overheat, leading to failure or shutdown. Make sure your filter is clean, and if it isn’t – replace it. If there’s a disturbance in your air duct coming into your AC room, make sure it’s unrestricted.

Next, turn your AC on, and check the air supply registers outside your house.

If your AC did not turn on, do the following: Test the batteries in your thermostat and replace them if necessary. Ensure that your AC’s service switch is on. Check your central electric board to see if your AC is receiving power. Make sure that your AC’s blower ventilator cover is fastened.

The Importance of Hiring A Trusted Cooling Specialist

If after taking the above steps your AC still won’t turn on, you need to call a cooling expert. Even if your AC does turn on, but is making unusual noises, producing strange odors, overcooling, or behaving in any way out of the ordinary – call an expert.

Cooling systems are complex machines. Even people who are tech-savvy and DIY-inclined will often miss an important issue, or unintentionally make one worse by trying to fix it. Cooling experts, however, have extensive knowledge and experience, so you can rely on them to identify, solve, and prevent problems.

A malfunctioning AC can not only cause great discomfort, but it can also cost you a lot of money, and even be a safety hazard.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Malfunctioning AC?

Generally speaking, the older your AC is, the better for you it would be to replace it. You may think that repairing an older/faulty AC instead of replacing it is cheaper, but it’s more likely to end up costing you more.

First, the older the AC, the less efficient it is. That means that what you may save in the repair, you’ll end up paying in energy bills. Second, if your AC is getting older, you’ll probably have to replace it soon enough anyway. Why spend money on repairing a AC you’ll soon remove? Finally, if you need to repair your AC now, you’ll probably have to do it again. And again. The older a AC is, the more frequently you’ll need to repair it, which will eventually cost much more than simply installing a new system.

If your AC is brand new, then a minor glitch is probably no cause to replace it. But if it’s over 10-15 years old and beginning to act up, then the sensible, responsible, and long-sighted thing to do is to replace it. All this can be easily avoided by calling an expert and letting the air conditioning¬†company pros do their job.¬†