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Things You Should Know About Federal Criminal Appeals

If you have had any court judgment made against you, you will California criminal appellate attorney fees want to appeal against them. When you appeal there is a lot at stake and you need to ensure that you are working with the best attorney for the job. This is why you need to consider hiring an appellate attorney.

Getting A Fresh Perspective

The attorney you used for your trial will know the case inside and out because they worked on it and this does have its benefits. However, it can also be a problem because this level of immersion can create blind spots that you do not want in an appeal. When your trial attorney developed their strategy for the court, they will close off certain paths and may not relook at them when it comes to an appeal.

When you hire an appellate attorney, they will be looking at your case with a fresh pair of eyes. They will also be in the same position as the appellate judges as they do not know anything about the case beforehand. This fresh perspective can help your legal team correct the course if needed and develop a theory for appeal based on the actual record of the case. The bottom line is that an appellate attorney will be objective when looking at the case which is something that the trial attorney could have a problem with.

Understanding What The Appellate Judges Care About

All judges are looking to achieve justice and to apply the law in a correct and consistent manner. However, trial judges and appellate judges will take different paths to reach this goal. A trial judge will be focused on the facts of the case and be able to see the case develop in court, but an appellate judge will see the case for the first time when they have to review the briefs.

This different approach is why you need to have an appellate attorney work on your briefs. They will have the skills and experience to take advantage of the limited time that you have with the appeals process. They will also know what the judges are going to be looking for.

Knowing How To Emphasize The Record And Build The Case On Appeal

An appellate attorney that has the right experience will be able to identify any trial errors and be able to frame them correctly for the appeals court. The attorney will also have no stake in the arguments and will be able to determine which arguments should be discarded. Appellate attorneys will also be able to determine which arguments will hurt the appeal more than they will help.

This is very important because each argument added to your brief will affect its success. Adding weak arguments will dilute the stronger arguments and will draw the judge’s attention away from the arguments that matter. Appellate attorneys will be able to create strong briefs and prepare any oral argument at the appellate level which will improve your chances of success.